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Vowel harmony considerations[edit]

I created the Finnish suffix page. First I put only suffixes that have only one form there -- the majority of Finnish suffixes have two forms where the changing vowel pairs are a/ä, o/ö and u/y, known as vowel harmony. My intention is to put the explanation to the article with the first (back) vowel in those pairs and link from the second (front) vowel to the actual article.

There are some even more divergent suffixes, the best example being the one used for the illative case, which has the forms -Vn, -hVn, -seen (and -siin, -hin in the plural) where the V stands for the first vowel before it. Perhaps there should be a link from the variant forms to the one with the V sign?

Finally, there are infixes or actually "markers" or "signs" that may or may not fit on this page; eg. the -e- in forms like laulaen "singing" (expressing the manner of doing something) or the -i- found in most plural cases. hyark 10:43, 5 Sep 2004 (UTC)