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Proper noun[edit]

Azii (genitive Azijan, partitive Azijad)

  1. Asia


Inflection of Azii
nominative sing. Azii
genitive sing. Azijan
partitive sing. Azijad
partitive plur.
singular plural
nominative Azii
accusative Azijan
genitive Azijan
partitive Azijad
essive-instructive Azijan
translative Azijaks
inessive Azijas
elative Azijaspäi
illative ?
adessive Azijal
ablative Azijalpäi
allative Azijale
abessive Azijata
comitative Azijanke
prolative Azijadme
approximative I Azijanno
approximative II Azijannoks
egressive Azijannopäi
terminative I ?
terminative II Azijalesai
terminative III Azijassai
additive I ?
additive II Azijalepäi