C@Sfhead-PalmForward-FlatB@InsideChestHigh-PalmAcross C@Palm-PalmForward-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmAcross

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American Sign Language[edit]


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Particularly: “The dominant hand seems to represent the picture's source image and the nondominant hand is obviously the physical paper, but that's just my own intuition. Can anyone confirm or correct?”


left-hand open-B palm-right right-hand C palm-out left-hand below from right-hand close to body right side of forehead left-hand stays while turning to right-hand moves down while turning to
left-hand touching below right-hand


ASL C@Sfhead-PalmForward-FlatB@InsideChesthigh-PalmAcross.jpg (ASL gloss: PICTURE)

  1. picture; photograph; print
    1@Side-FingerRight2 A@NearChin 5@NearNose-PalmBack CircleSurface A@NearChin C@Sfhead-PalmForward-FlatB@InsideChestHigh-PalmAcross C@Palm-PalmForward-FlatB@CenterChesthigh-PalmAcross I@Side-FingerUp Twist I@Side-FingerAcross A@Side K@Side-FingerUp E@Side G@Side Y@Side L@Side L@Side E@Side N@Side H@Side-FingerAcross A@Side A@Side L@Side
    THAT BEAUTIFUL PICTURE J-A-K-E-G-Y-L-L-E-N-H-A-A-L. (“That is a beautiful picture of Jake Gyllenhaal.”)