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  1. 𝠞𝪁𝧨
  2. 𝠀
  3. L@Chin-ThumbBack Squeeze
  4. 1^o-f@IpsiChest-FingerBack RoundHoriz 1^o-f@ContraChest-FingerBack
  5. 3@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp CirclesHoriz
  6. K@NearCenterChesthigh-PalmUp Nod
  7. 3@NearCenterChesthigh-PalmUp CirclesHoriz
  8. K@CenterChesthigh-PalmAcross Nod
  9. 1^o-f@Sternum-FingerBack
  10. 1@InsideChesthigh-RadialUp
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  1. L@Chin-ThumbBack Squeeze
  2. 1@Side-PalmForward
  3. 1^o-f@Sternum-FingerBack
  4. K@NearCenterChesthigh-PalmUp Nod
  5. K@CenterChesthigh-PalmAcross Nod
  6. 1^o-f@IpsiChest-FingerBack RoundHoriz 1^o-f@ContraChest-FingerBack
  7. 3@NearCenterChesthigh-PalmUp CirclesHoriz
  8. 3@CenterChesthigh-PalmUp CirclesHoriz
  9. Claw5@SideTrunkhigh-PalmUp-Claw5@SideTrunkhigh-PalmUp Sidetoside-Sidetoside
  10. 1@InsideChesthigh-RadialUp

» All languages » American Sign Language » Lemmas » Pronouns

American Sign Language terms that refer to and substitute nouns.

This category contains signs that usually translate into English as pronouns as well as ASL classifiers. See Index:American Sign Language for an index that includes English glosses. For a description of sign entry names, see Appendix:Sign language entry names.