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  1. calòn lamaò̌
  2. cakhwôn cahwǎ
  3. cahwǎ phaomu
  4. cahwǎ phaokhaǔ
  5. bablan nô̌n
  6. bablan khlai
  7. ba-ǎn
  8. akhein tǔ
  9. akhein pwû̌n
  10. akhein lwa
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  1. akeǐn asǎ
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  4. akhein aklan
  5. a-rūrwî̌n
  6. akhein ba
  7. acaǒ aca
  8. akhein lwa
  9. adau ahtaǔ
  10. akhein pwû̌n

Kayan lemmas that are a combination of multiple words, including idiomatic combinations.