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This category is for Lojban words which would tend to be considered articles from an English speaker's perspective.

The cmavo la'o and li might be considered article-like, though specialized to "sumtifying" quoted non-Lojban text and numbers, respectively.

Otherwise, articles are called "descriptors" by the LRG and vlasisku, and they come in three series:

Descriptors turn brivla into sumti, i.e., they "sumtify" them.

The members of the LO series could be thought of as "indefinite articles", whereas the members of the LE and LA series could be though of as "definite articles".

Moreover, the loi, lei, and lai descriptors could be thought of as "partitive articles", and might be useful for "sumtifying" brivla corresponding to mass nouns (see Category:jbo:Mass nouns).

For reference, see LRG Chapter 6.