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English citations of égalitarianism

  • 1936, ΚΔΠ – Kappa Delta Pi, The Educational Forum, page 220
    The Chancellery under the present government is likely to continue emphasizing the drive in Swedish life toward égalitarianism.
  • 1958, World Marxist Review: Problems of Peace and Socialism, page 54
    It orientates on base instincts, on greed and careerism, on the petty bourgeois urge for égalitarianism on the one hand, and self-exaltation on the other, on nationalism and religious fanaticism, on the desire […]
  • 1964, Clifford Lee Lord, Reuben Gold Thwaites and the Progressive Historical Society, page 7
    But égalitarianism was far more typical of the frontier than of the seaboard, where society was by no means as classless as it is becoming today.