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English citations of -cratic


  • 2003, John Raymaker, Empowering the Lonely Crowd: Pope John Paul II, Lonergan and Japanese Buddhism, University Press, page 13:
    I argue that our abcd loci—analogous to biologiccal loci (sites on which genes are situated on a chromosome)—can abcd-sublate,5 integrate “gap-o-cratic” verbal alleles.
  • 2003, Henry Wang, Socialism and Governance: A Comparison Between Maoist and Dengist Governance:
    By saying that Dengist political system is a facto-cratic polity, it is not meant that the Party is committed to speaking truth.
  • 2007, Karen Weekes (citing Florynce Kennedy), Women Know Everything!: 3,241 Quips, Quotes, & Brilliant Remarks, Quirk Books, page 324:
    I don’t take dictation from the pig-o-cratic style setters who say I should dress like a middle-aged colored lady.
  • 2011, Jessie Carney Smith, Encyclopedia of African American Popular Culture, ABC-CLIO, page 1484:
    [] , such as West’s perspective on living in what he labeled a “pigment-o-cratic society,” []