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English citations of ASCIIfy and asciify

  • 1989 October 1, David L. Mills <Mills(a)UDEL.EDU>, "Re: PostScript Versus ASCII", message-ID <>, comp.protocols.tcp-ip, Usenet [1]:
    We use ?roff and MS-Word, as well as Ventura, LaTeX and everything else as well. The problem is not simply ASCIIfying the text, but rendering images, figures, graphs and whatnot that are difficult or impossible to ASCIIfy and are the reason to select PostScript in the first place. When we produce text-only documents we do exactly as you do - ASCIIfy with readily available conversion utilities.
  • 1991 October 3, Booker C. Bense <benseb(a)>, "Re: How are you maintaining different versions of .NIB files?", message-ID <>,, Usenet [2]:
    Use uuencode to asciify your files and store them with the old rcs.
  • 2001 December 15, "debs" <debs(a)>, "Re: [OT] but very interesting...", message-ID <>, alt.os.development, Usenet:
    Only go to telnet:// if you're _very_ bored :-)
    I viewed the first 10 minutes, I was intrigued at the idea that someone would asciify Star Wars :)
  • 2003 April 4, Ross Presser <>, "Infuriating Unicode gotcha", message-ID <Xns9353A75043579pt101594@>, microsoft.public.scripting.vbscript, Usenet:
    What can I do to "ASCIIFY" the string? (A Unicode text file is not an option.)
  • 2009 April 12, Jason Lewis <>, "asciify flower chucker", message-ID <01f146be$0$20627$>, alt.ascii-art, Usenet [3]:
    Please can someone asciify this image for me please?
  • 2010, Joseph N. Hall, Joshua McAdams, and brian d foy, Effective Perl Programming, second edition, Pearson Education, →ISBN [4]:
    Uuencoding is a way to ASCIIfy data to ensure that it makes it through a 7-bit channel, such as e-mail, without corrupting itself.