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English citations of Alumu

  • 2000, The Origins and Development of African Livestock (Robert Blench, Kevin C. MacDonald), page 527 (in the glossary):
    Alumu language 380, 421
  • 2000, Proceedings of the 2nd World Congress of African Linguistics (Ekkehard Wolff, Orin D. Gensler):
    The two unknown 'Koro' languages, Koro Ija and Koro Zuba are also part of the same group according to speakers of Ujijili. [] suggests that the assignment of Toro (= Turkwam) and Alumu (= Arum-Chessu) to Tarokoid is completely erroneous.
  • 2001-03, Topics in Chadic linguistics: papers from the 1st Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, Leipzig, July 5-8, 2001 (Ekkehard Wolff), page 23:
    [] are a scatter of Plateau languages, notably Toro, Alumu-Təsu, Hasha, Rindre and Ayu down the escarpment, while southwest is a Jarawan Bantu language, Mama.
  • 2006, Robert Blench, Archaeology, Language, And the African Past, page 245:
    Alumu kùrù
    Nindem a-kur