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English citations of American-born Chinese

  • 1945, David Nelson Rowe, China Among the Powers, page 119
    Practically all first pilots are American or American-born Chinese. Chinese pilots are to be trained to replace the Americans as soon as possible.
  • 1993, John W. Dower, War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War, page 166
    American-born Chinese (who were citizens by birth) had to fill out a special form when applying for a US passport, and were subjected to grueling ....
  • 1994, Benjamin R. Beede, The War of 1898 and U.S. Interventions, 1898-1934: An Encyclopedia, page 103
    Described as the "American-born Chinese brigade," trained in military marching, the group drilled one evening a week.
  • 1999, Paul Wong Race, Ethnicity, And Nationality In The United States: Toward The Twenty ..., page 126
    Their testimony before congressional committees earned American-born Chinese the epithet of "pseudo-Americans." When Congress debated rescinding Chinese exclusion in 1943 largely as a wartime propaganda tool, Representative William P. Elmer of Missouri complained that the bill promised to bring "millions of aliens" into the United States.