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English citations of Arara

  • 1993, Research in African literatures (University of Texas at Austin, African and Afro-American Studies and Research Center), volume 24, issue 3:
    The second, sung in the Arara language of Dahomean provenance (whose situation will be discussed below), []
  • 2001, Philip Sweeney, The rough guide to Cuban music, page 20:
    The Lucumi tradition of the big Yoruba population of the Ulkumi area of what is modern Nigeria is supported by a similar strand descending from emigrants from old Dahomey, modern-day Benin, but speaking the Arara language.
  • 2002, Betty Mindlin, Barbecued husbands: and other stories from the Amazon, page 300:
    (Arara belongs to a family of the Tupi trunk called Rama-rama. Gaviao, together with Surui, Arua, Zoro, and Cinta-larga, belongs to the Tupi-monde family.) Jabuti and Arikapu are isolated languages. There may be around 180 people who []