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English citations of Arctic bear

  • 1838, Edgar Allan Poe, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, →ISBN, page 331:
    Upon coming up with the floe, we perceived that it was in possession of a gigantic creature of the race of the Arctic bear, but far exceeding in size the largest of these animals.
  • 1876, William Henry Davenport Adams, The Arctic World: Its Plants, Animals, and Natural Phenomena:
    The poor mothers use every effort to protect them, but, in spite of their affectionate exertions, a perfect massacre of the innocents takes place, in which, not improbably, the Arctic wolf is not less guilty than the Arctic bear.
  • 2009, Elisha Kent Kane, Adrift in the Arctic Ice Pack, →ISBN, page 64:
    I once before compared the posterior aspect of the Arctic bear to an elephant's. All my mess-mates used the same comparison. The extreme roundness of his back and haunches, with the columnar character of the legs, and the round expansion of the feet, give you the impression of a small elephant.
  • 2012, Michael MacCracken, Sudden and Disruptive Climate Change, →ISBN:
    Further, the terrestrial niche for an Arctic bear is already occupied and there are indications that barren-ground grizzlies are already advancing northward.