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English citations of Arianator

Noun: "(fandom slang) a fan of the American singer and actress Ariana Grande"[edit]

2013 2014
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  • 2013, Victoria Smith, Yours Truly review, Verity, Fall 2013, page 35:
    I, and surely the other Arianators, cannot wait to see what Ariana Grande has to offer next.
  • 2013, Katie Whalen, "A 21st Century holiday season; Out with the classics and in with the new", The Scituation (Scituate High School, Scituate, Massachusetts), Volume 2013-2014, Issue 2, December 2013, page 8:
    On a more popular note, something that will surely get many new 'Arianators' pumped for this holiday season would be her new EP, released in mid-November.
  • 2014, Ann Tatko-Peterson (quoting Jennette McCurdy), "'Sam & Cat' not canceled but salary dispute still thorny issue", Contra Costa Times, 2 April 2014:
    I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians and Arianators alike.
  • 2014, "Is Ariana setting herself up to get hurt again?", Twist, July 2014, page 30:
    Arianators around the world were understandably worried about their idol.
  • 2014, Jessica Lyons, "Let's Talk Music", The Billerica Beat (Billerica Memorial High School, Billerica, Massachusetts), Volume 30, Issue 1, 9 October 2014, page 1:
    According to a father of two hardcore "Arianators" as her fans are called, Ariana was extremely rude to the girls and barely spoke to them.