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English citations of Astro Boy

  • 2002, Japan Echo, volume 29:
    But during the bubble era, Honda was carrying out its top-secret robotics research. This research offered little chance for profits, but you said, “We’re going to make an Astro Boy,” and you surprised everyone when you unveiled Asimo, your two-legged walking robot.
  • 2004, The Japan Journal, volume 1, page 31:
    That prompts the question: are the public really ready to welcome prototype Astro Boys into the family, even supposing they could afford the present astronomical price tags?
  • 2005, Jie Zhang, She Knocked at the Door, Long River Press, →ISBN, page 110:
    "You are completely wrapped by plaster!" Mai Qing touched my arm, "Your arm is so hard, and you are like the Astro Boy."
  • 2007, Douglas Coupland, JPod, Random House, →ISBN, illustrated, page 330:
    Don't discuss Sony like it's a great big benevolent cartoon character who lives next door to Astro Boy.
  • 2008, Suzanne Brockmann, All Through the Night, A Troubleshooter Christmas, Troubleshooter Series, Random House, →ISBN, issue 12, page 281:
    “Slow down, Cassidy, [] he’ll shoot you down like a dog,” Sam pointed out. “You’re his target, Astro Boy.”