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English citations of Bart Simpsonization

  • 1992 December 3, Rodricks, Dan, “Hey, man my folks are just cable thieves”, in The Baltimore Sun[1], ISSN 1930-8965:
    Personally, I think it's evidence of the Bart Simpsonization of America.
  • 2004 October 11, “Mutual Consolation of the Saints: In the Face of Doctrinal Differences”, in Minnesota South District Pastoral Conference[2]:
    For many years I have grieved over what I have termed "the Bart Simpsonization" of the church.
  • 2009 May 25, Clean Teen Reads, “What do you consider offensive language?”, in Clean Teen Reviews:
    I deplore what I call the Bart Simpsonization of America—the snappy (and rude) comeback, the child who's disrespectful to her parents, the constant put-downs.