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English citations of Broadway

  • 1993, Editorials on File, v 24, Facts on File, p 62:
    Since that project is a co-sponsored initiative of the Health and Welfare Department and Mr. Mayer's new Department of Agriculture, the nervous lab watchers on Broadway may be able to relax a little.
  • 2009, “Verbal vent at city hall: Councillors attack province, feds on their infrastructure priorities”, in Winnipeg Free Press, June 25:
    Angry city councillors lashed out against both Broadway and Ottawa on Wednesday, claiming the Doer government and the Harper Conservatives are spending millions on infrastructure projects Winnipeg doesn't want and not enough on road repairs the city needs.
  • 2010, Barry Ferguson and Robert Wardhaugh, Manitoba Premiers of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Regina: CPRC Press, p 308:
    [p 308 heading] From Dufferin Avenue to Broadway
    [p 309] Thus, his Dufferin Avenue upbringing introduced Lyon to the world of Manitoba politics, and to life in the Conservative Party, in particular.
    The Lyon brand of politics that emerged in the late 1970s was a lifetime
  • 2010, Paul G. Thomas and Curtis Brown, Manitoba Politics and Government: Issues, Institutions, Traditions, Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 221:
    If the premier is open and professional with the gallery, the entire government tends to be the same. If not, the ship on Broadway can be very leak-proof indeed.
  • 2011, Robert Marshall, “Broadway is on probation, too”, in Winnipeg Free Press, May 7:
    [title] Broadway is on probation, too
    But, Broadway, we have a problem. Faith in probation services is eroding faster than a speeding bullet. ¶ Not long ago, Attorney General Andrew Swan admitted that the probation system was "not prefect" and that "it needs to be improved."
  • 2012, Bartley Kives, “The wheels on the busway: Saga is still going round and round as first rapid-transit leg opens”, in Winnipeg Free Press, April 7:
    With no movement on the transit file, Ottawa and Broadway spent $126 million on other projects.
    On the eve of opening the first phase of the Southwest Transitway, Katz says he's committed to completing the entire route, with the caveat Winnipeg needs help from Broadway and Ottawa.