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English citations of Bugs Bunny and Bugs

  • 1995 October 4, Stephen W. Worth <>, “Re: Classic Cartoon Violence”, in rec.arts.animation, Usenet[1], message-ID <>:
    By the way, "Lonesome Lenny" is a VERY funny cartoon, regardless of whether you like Screwy or not. Screwy may have been a failure in the sense that he didn't become "another Bugs Bunny" but that doesn't mean his cartoons were bad.
  • 1996 November 19, Angelo <>, “Re: REVIEW: Amazing Spider-man #419”, in rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe, Usenet[2], message-ID <56r6h0$>:
    I thought the coolest thing in the book was when the three thugs were discussing their plans to mug Ben Urich and Spidey joins them and says, "I say we just let him go." Very Bugs Bunny, but very cool!
  • 1998 April 25, Gilbert Sebenste <>, “[HUMOR] Bugs Bunny Show=hardcore wrestling”, in, Usenet[3], message-ID <Pine.SOL.3.96.980424181016.3339A-100000@taiga>:
    And how about those midget matches with Yosemite Sam? Why he picked on somebody with brains like Bugs Bunny I'll never know. It was boring; every match was a squash, with Yosemite getting his butt kicked by something, or a foreign object (usually his gun) backfiring on him. Worse, 3 seconds after he was hit with multiple bullets, he'd dust himself off and go after the rabbit again.
  • 1999 March 30, Dr. Cat <>, “Re: Spoogless CF10”, in, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
    Ya know, I don't think most Bugs Bunny merchandise is allowable under a "no nudity" policy either. Except for pictures of him dressed up in drag to flirt with Elmer Fudd, which is probably ok.
  • 2000 April 8, James "Coyote" Calhoun <>, “Re: Animorph fans = preverts?”, in, Usenet[5], message-ID <8F10BCACFcoyotebeable@>:
    And I think your friend needs to re-evaluate his position too... by his (quite narrow-minded) definition, anyone who enjoys reading Garfield strips or watching Bugs Bunny cartoons is also a pervert. After all, those have talking animals in them, so clearly their fans must be depraved sleazebags to him.
  • 2002 February 22, Robibnikoff <>, “Re: Ashcroft”, in alt.atheism, Usenet[6], message-ID <ycyd8.3383$>:
    Wow - it definitely sounds it. My kid's a Cartoon Network freak, so I'm probably seeing as much Bugs Bunny now as I did as a kid. The funniest new Bugs Bunny cartoon was his 51st birthday celebration featuring all these "out takes" from the opening of the show. There's one where Daffy Duck goes up to Bugs and says "You son of a BLEEP!" That was hilarious :)
  • 2002 July 22, Rosa Rugosa <>, “Re: Whistles Were Not Previously Lips”, in alt.arts.poetry.comments, Usenet[7], message-ID <>:
    I'll never understand why I enjoy this crazy nonsense of yours. Other people post crazy nonsense and I don't like it at all. And it's not a simple matter of being influenced by personality issues, because when I first started lurking here I didn't like you at all. (Though like "the cancer that eats at the earth", I suppose you do grow on a person.) Maybe it's because you tend to use happy, pleasing images (dresses, cake, whistles, love, opium). And even when you don't, the craziness lends the images a happy-go-lucky feeling. You're the Bugs Bunny of poets.
  • 2002 September 19, Derek <>, “Dinosaur 'had teeth like Bugs Bunny'”, in alt.adjective, Usenet[8], message-ID <ambrgf$nmv$>:
    Dinosaur 'had teeth like Bugs Bunny'
    Scientists say a dinosaur relative of Tyrannosaurus Rex appears to have more in common with Bugs Bunny.
    The strange creature stood on two legs, as did the ferocious predator. But instead of rows of razor-sharp flesh-ripping teeth, it sported a pair of large rabbit-like incisors.
  • 2003 May 9, brodieman <captaininvincible2000@*nospam*>, “Re: Woo-Hoo Indy !!”, in, Usenet[9], message-ID <b9flh0$suo$>:
    Raiders and Temple were dark and moody - the way an Indy movie should be. Crusade is the Bugs Bunny of the series, and it stinks (even down to its cheap sets, and Fords tired performance).
  • 2003 June 3, EWagner382 <>, “Bugs Bunny, Pookha”, in, Usenet[10], message-ID <>:
    I sometimes envision Ezra Pound as the Yosemite Sam of poetry. "Ya varmits, ya ought ta read Ovid and Catullus!"
    I sometimes think of T. S. Eliot as Elmer Fudd. "Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I'm saving Western Civilization."
    I yearn to become the Bugs Bunny of poetry. "What's up, il milior fabro?"