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English citations of CD changer

Earliest Usenet uses via Google Groups:

  • CD CHANGER: - Sep 28 1985, 3:01 am by ter..
    Nah, but next thing out will be a (shudder!!) CD CHANGER!!! You know, like a record changer, except for CD's!!! Why limit yourself to 3 of 4 CD's??
  • CD changer: - Sep 30 1985, 9:26 am by William K. McFadden
    Technics already has a 51 disc CD changer.
  • CD changers: rec.arts.movies - May 21 1989, 12:26 pm by Bob Niland
    Like the early CD changers, it is not cheap (at $1400-to-1700), but it is only a few hundred dollars more expensive than the single-play version of the same engine (the CLD-3030).
  • cd changer's: - Dec 4 1992, 6:25 pm by roc...
    (title of post) cd changer's random play