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English citations of Canadianess

Noun: "alternative spelling of Canadianness"[edit]

1973 1983 1993 1997 2011
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  • 1973 — Raymond A. Reid, The Canadian Style: Yesterday and Today in Love, Work, Play, and Politics, Paul. S. Eriksson (1973), page 54:
    A poem in the Ontario school reader of 1925-1935 gave its readers an interpretation of Canadianess.
  • 1983 — Diana Cooper-Clark, Designs of Darkness: Interviews with Detective Novelists, Bowling Green State University Popular Press (1983), ISBN 9780879722234, page 107:
    His Canadianess is not intended to be symbolic.
  • 1993 — William Kaplan, Belonging: The Meaning and Future of Canadian Citizenship, McGill-Queen's University Press (1993), ISBN 0773509852, pages 20-21:
    It must be replaced by a policy that does not seek to preserve differences but rather has at its objective "melding them into a new vision of Canadianess, pursuing a Canada where inherent differences and inherent similarities blend easily and where no one is alienated with hyphenation. []
  • 1997 — Barbara Godard, "Modalities of the Edge: Towards a Semiotics of Irony: The Case of Mavis Gallant", in Feminist Spaces: Cultural Readings from India and Canada (ed. Malashri Lal), Allied Publishers Ltd. (1997), ISBN 8170237033, page 143:
    As John Lyman, an expatriate painter who returned to Montreal in the 1930s continually protested, critics at that time equated Canadianess with landscape, failing to understand that a Canadian aesthetic might lie in the specificity of the mode of intellect and perception, in approach, not theme.
  • 1997 — H. Raymond Samuels, National Identity in Canada and Cosmopolitan Community, Agora Cosmopolitan (1997), ISBN 096819060X, page xx:
    Meanwhile, the Quebec establishment, like the confederates of Toronto, uses history to deny a positive sense of Canadianess.
  • 2011 — James Bickerton, "Janus Faces, Rocks, and Hard Places: Majority Nationalism in Canada", in Contemporary Majority Nationalism (eds. Alain-G. Gagnon, André Lecours, & Geneviève Nootens), McGill-Queen's University Press (2011), ISBN 9780773538252, page 152:
    "The ability of this perspective to differentiate between Canadians and Americans and to generate a convincing sense of 'Canadianess' has been problematic."