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English citations of Cheeto and Cheetos

where used as a countable noun, to count each piece
  • 1980, Bird World, volumes 3-4, page 61:
    They also enjoy an occasional Cheeto or Frito — am I going wrong here?
  • 1983, Richard Benyo, Rhonda Provost, Runner's World Indoor Exercise Book, page 35:
    Ask Rich about the challenge of eating only one Cheeto.
  • 1988, Christopher Peterson, Personality, page 556:
    What happens when a rat learns to run through a maze in order to gain a Cheeto?
  • 1991, Joseph T. Tobin, Dana H. Davidson, Preschool in Three Cultures: Japan, China and the United States, page 161
    You get fights over food, or the kids make trades, like they trade their whole sandwich for three Cheetos.
  • 1993, Katherine Applegate, Love Shack, page 24:
    "Luis says you should probably take a couple days off," he reported as he knelt down next to Mooch and balanced a Cheeto on the dog's nose.
  • 2000, Michael Stone, Totally Dead: A Streeter Mystery, page 71:
    Two small eyes, close together over a nose crooked as a Cheeto.
  • 2003, Bryna Siegel, Helping Children with Autism Learn, page 209
    If he says, "I want Cheetos," thank him for asking, and give him a few Cheetos.
  • 2006 April 9, Steve Paulson (interviewer) and Stefan Gates (interviewee), “Techno Cuisine”, To the Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio
    Steve Paulson: So do you just take a leaf and wrap it around your Cheeto and go from there?
    Stefan Gates: Exactly. I'd say sausages are an easier thing to start with. Cheetos are slightly com—, slightly more complicated.
  • 2008, Tatiana Bellanova, Case Study of a Faith-based Youth Development Program Serving Latino Youth, page 227:
    Laura eats a Cheeto and adds, “We have a good time when we're together.”
  • 2013, Christine Barber, When the Devil Doesn't Show: A Mystery, page 47:
    “Now we need to know the last time someone talked to them or saw them in public, so we can get the timeline straight,” Joe said, popping a Cheeto into his mouth from a bag that had been open on his desk for three days.
  • 2015, Terry Davis, If Rock and Roll Were a Machine, page 114:
    The first of the sophomores had returned and was distributing handfuls of Cheetos around the group.

English citations of Cheetos

in general use
  • 1980, Patricia Vernier, The California Factor, page 41
    Her stomach could survive any patchy appeasements, but she couldn't find the damn Cheetos anywhere in the kitchen.
  • 1982, Roger Rapoport, California Dreaming: The Political Odyssey of Pat & Jerry Brown, page 156
    Or, they could follow the example set by their new boss, who crammed concise lists into pockets stocked with Cheetos munched in lieu of lunch.
  • 2002, Rida Allen, The Legacy Tree, page 4
    Changing into her bathing suit, she promised her parents she would be careful, grabbed a bag of Cheetos and set off with Peanut toward the pier.
  • 2005, Julia Slavin, Carnivore Diet, page 211
    He stealthily glided into the kitchen, looked at all the food, daintily picked up the bag of Cheetos and went to sit in the dining room.
  • 2005, Alan Haehnel, Stressed, A Teen Symphony in One Act, Theatrefolk, →ISBN, page 20
    We’d be cruising down the holy highway [] snarfin’ only the best foods: Cheetos and Mountain Dew and an occassional Slim Jim. Heaven on wheels []
  • 2005, Hal Edward Runkel, Screamfree Parenting, Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool, ScreamFree Living, →ISBN, page 137
    Vacation is great, isn’t it? Getting up when you want, wearing pajamas until noon, eating Cheetos instead of Cheerios for breakfast.
  • 2009, Wendy P. Jones, Waves Crashing, page 50:
    AJ was initially taken by her long, soft, curly brown hair, but he knew he was in love when she ultimately decided on the Cheetos, his all-time favorite snack.
  • 2012, Roger J. Burnett, Short Stories and Tall Tales, page 26:
    “Just because you like Cheetos doesn't mean your Gecko does,” I yelled across the room. Cheetos is Ethan's favorite snack.