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English citations of Child-catcher and Child Catcher

  • 1997, Lois Nachamie, Big Lessons for Little People, Teaching Our Kids Right from Wrong, While Keeping Them Healthy, Safe, and Happy, Dell Pub., →ISBN, page 308:
    Yet you will not be advising your children to watch out for the Gogans and be careful of the Child Catcher every day.
  • 2002, Kerry Parnell, Street Smart, A Teenager's Guide to Being Sussed and Safe, Piccadilly, →ISBN, page 132:
    But the problem is, ‘bad’ people don’t look like the Child Catcher, or Darth Vader, do they?
  • 2007, David Nicholls, Starter for Ten, Random House, →ISBN, page 256:
    Her mum seems to agree too, because she scowls at me like I'm the Child-catcher, picks up her child and hurries across the road before the lights have even changed.
  • 2008 May 28, Neil Cross, Heartland, Scribner, →ISBN, illustrated, page 37:
    I knew a witch was somewhere in the trees, hunting me. She could smell me, just like the Child Catcher. Sometimes, I could hear her feet, breaking dry twigs.