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English citations of Christopher Robin

  • 1965 John Emerson Todd, Emily Dickinson's Use of the Persona, Mouton (1973), page 13:
    The Christopher Robin attitude can add a note of humor to the end of a nature poem in which the persona extols the simplicity and leisure of such a common natural object as grass:
  • 1979 Judith Kerr, A Small Person Far Away, Coward, McCam & Geoghegan, →ISBN, page 98:
    - - - , Max with a Christopher Robin haircut on a scooter, herself on a tricycle.
  • 1992 Christopher John Fards Williams, Being, Identity, and Truth, Clarendon Press, →ISBN, page 70:
    [] Pooh did not realize that it was his own footprints he had been tracking until Christopher Robin told him what had been going on. He had been sitting in one of the trees watching the silly old bear going round in a circle. It is not always obvious to me, when I am doing something, that it is I who am doing it: at times I need a Christopher Robin to tell me.