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English citations of Elo, ELO, and elo

  • 1998 July 17, <barbu(a)>, "I won against Fritz5 (ELO 2791)! - Here is the game", message-ID <>,, Usenet [1]:
    I am not supposed to win a game against "something" that pretends to have a blitz ELO of 2791!
  • 1999 May 22, "Joe" <joblack(a)>, "Estimating Elo strength by questions.", message-ID <7i63dm$dgn$>,, Usenet [2]:
    At present I do not know my Elo even to the nearest thousand. I believe a cleverly designed questionnaire would work well, giving progressively accurate estimates of Elo as more and more questions were answered.
  • 2000 April 4, : "mauro mindoli" <mindolimauro(a)>, "elo on chessmaster 7000", message-ID <8cd0m8$k28$>,, Usenet [3]:
    I have chessmaster 7000 and after 30 match I have an elo of almost 2000 points. Does cm7000 make approssimately a good estimation of the elo or it is only a rough value?
  • 2001 August 12, Guenter Stertenbrink <sterten(a)>, "Deep Fritzen's Bahrain-machine's ELO ?", message-ID <>,, Usenet [4]:
    What's the estimated actual ELO numbers of Kramnik and DeepFritz under normal tournament conditions ?
  • 2004, Fernand Gobet, Alex de Voogt, and Jean Retschitzki, Moves in Mind, 2005 edition, ↑ISBN, page 181 [5]:
    For example, there is currently only one female in the 100 best players in the world (Judit Polgar, who, in July 2003, was ranked number 11 in the world with an Elo of 2718).
  • 2006 December 15, "RDNZL" <vamu(a)>, "Chess software with the lowest ELO rate", message-ID <>,, Usenet [6]:
    I'm a chess newbie and would like to use a chess program which ELO rate can be adjusted to absolute monkey level.
    I've been looking to Delfi Trainer, which looks wonderful, and can be set from 900 ELO.