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English citations of English English

  • 1991, Peter Trudgill, ‎J. K. Chambers, Dialects of English: studies in grammatical variation, page 146:
    [] a very important centre for the study of English dialects. There are probably more students carrying out serious investigations of the grammar of English English dialects in Helsinki than there are at all English universities combined.
  • 2003Lieselotte Anderwald, Negation in Non-Standard British English →ISBN, page 44:
    For this reason, the British English dialects are mainly divided into the 'Celtic' Englishes, which are very different, and the English English dialects, which show much fewer distinct developments.
  • 2008, Balogné Bérces Katalin and Katalin Balogné Bérces, Beginner's English Dialectology: An Introduction to the Accents and Dialects of English, Ad Librum Kiadó, page 10:
    On the whole, the figure reveals that it is possible to distinguish between two main types of English accent: an “English” type (English English, Welsh English, South African English, Australian English, New Zealand English) and an “American” type (US English, Canadian English), with Scottish and Irish English located somewhere between the two, perhaps forming a separate category.
  • 2012, Benedikt Szmrecsanyi, Grammatical Variation in British English Dialects: A Study →ISBN, page 12
    First, dialects of English in Wales and Scotland are perceived as being fairly different from English English dialects (1996, 153). Second, within England, there is a tripartite division such that the North is differentiated from the Midlands, and []