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English citations of Fibber McGee's closet

  • 1948, Henry F Gauss, Mechanical Engineering‎, page 811:
    Or will we go on reaching into Fibber McGee's closet for hard-earned skills each time we are up against a moment of critical decision?
  • 1966 July, Popular Mechanics‎, volume 126, number 1, page 174:
    Actually, the thing — in all cars — is misnamed; in practice it rarely holds gloves, instead is a sort of automotive Fibber McGee's closet.
  • 1990, Richard Rhodes, A hole in the world: an American boyhood‎, page 48:
    Where in all this Fibber McGee's closet of wartime memory is Lois?
  • 1994, Janet Dailey, Silver Wings, Santiago Blue‎, page 151:
    Marty stopped beside the opened footlocker, and saw the rumpled clothes and underwear tumbling over the sides. "It's worse than Fibber McGee's closet. ...."
  • 2001, Shelley Johnson, The complete sea kayaker's handbook‎, page 216:
    Or, you may have created the kayaking equivalent of Fibber McGee's closet.
  • 2002, Bill Tammeus, A gift of meaning‎, page 68:
    But once you are here, standing on this surfeit of land, this piled-up, stacked-up, smashed-up Fibber McGee's closet of rock and soil
  • 2005, Jim Morris, The Devil's Secret Name‎, page 30:
    It disappeared into the maw, the Fibber McGee's closet, of his so-called filing system — apparently forever.
  • 2007, Pat Legako; Cyndi Gribble, Deliverance: Rescuing God's People: Developing and Operating the Ministry‎, page 67:
    In a spiritual sense, Fibber McGee's closet is the place where we stuff all the things that we should have forgiven.