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English citations of Flemish

Proper noun: a language or dialect[edit]

  • 1886, Ephraim Chambers, Chambers's encyclopædia: a dictionary of universal knowledge for the people[1], volume 4, illustrated edition, J.B. Lippincott & Co.:
    The Vlaemisch or Flemish is a form of Low German still spoken in the Belgian provinces of Eest and West Flanders, [...]
  • 1965, The Economic weekly[2], volume 17, Economic Weekly:
    Flemish is not just a dialect spoken by some 5 million Belgians; it is essentially the same language as Dutch, [...]
  • 1983, Wadebridge Ecological Centre, The ecologist[3], volume 13, Ecosystems Ltd., page 22:
    Officially Flemish is not a language. It is called 'Nederlands', which means Dutch. Basically they are the same. The difference between Flemish and Dutch is the same as for example the difference between English and American.
  • 1997, Colin Baker, Sylvia Prys Jones, Encyclopedia of bilingualism and bilingual education, illustrated edition, Multilingual Matters, ISBN 9781853593628, page 399:
    The largest language community is that of Flemish speakers. Flemings now constitute aroung 60 percent of the Belgian people, and the status of this language has risen continuously since 1932. Most of the Flemings are concentrated in the Northern half of Belgium in the Flemish Region of the country. Flemish is also known as Dutch, which is the official language of The Netherlands. Dutch and Flemish share the same standard language.
  • 1997, William Petersen, Ethnicity counts, Transaction Publishers, ISBN 9781560002963, page 182:
    In its narrow meaning Vlaams, Flemish, is one of the several Germanic dialects spoken in northern Belgium. All these dialects were given a composite name, originally by the country's alien rulers: flamenco (in Spanish) and flameng (in French). Thus, "when the inhabitants of Brabant or Belgian Limburg call their language 'Flemish,' they are unconsciously maintaining an originally French (and Spanish) usage."
  • 2002, Roland Willemyns, Language contact at the Romance-Germanic language border, illustrated edition, Multilingual Matters, ISBN 9781853596278, page 26:
    Since the group of Flemish-speaking people is ever diminishing and the possibilities of speaking Flemish in public have become rare, special meetings are held in some places at regular times where only Flemish is spoken [...]
  • 2004, Timothy Baycroft, Culture, identity and nationalism: French Flanders in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, illustrated edition, Boydell & Brewer, ISBN 9780861932696, page 21:
    Flemish is a regional variation or dialect of Dutch, [...]