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English citations of Foxy Loxy, Foxy-Loxy, and Foxy-loxy

  • (Can we date this quote?) A. R. Gurney, Jr., The Open Meeting A Comedy in One Act, page 16
    Because Old Foxy Loxy here bought them off with his goddam dimes!
  • 1916, Miriam Young, Among the Women of the Punjab: A Camping Record, Carey Press, page 22
    There are coloured picture books in which are set forth the tragic story of Henny Penny and the wicked Foxy Loxy ; the glories of Uncle Henry's farmyard with its wonderful sheep and cows in the brilliant green grass, and the ducks and hens round about the house ; the story of the silly hare who went to sleep and let the slow old tortoise beat him in the race ; and many other things.
  • p. 1935, author and exact date considered top secret by Google Books, Aircraft, Canada, page 90 [?]
    And then Cruel Fate stepped in with a cynical smile on her lips — they met Foxy Loxy. "Hello," said Foxy Loxy. "Where are you going?"
  • 1946, Frances Lillian Ilg, Arnold Gesell, and Louise Bates Ames, The Child from Five to Ten, Harper & Brothers, page 112
    Tiny insects are also to be feared both because of their noises and their bite or sting. The reading at school of a story like Foxy-Loxy who eats you up, or a story about bees which sting, may be the true sources of a child’s refusal to return to school.
  • 1952, Gerald Sykes, The Center of the Stage, Farrar, Straus and Young, page 7
    But the father was an important man, no one to be trifled with, and little Miss Foxy Loxy took the trouble to get herself really in trouble, and to let Mama and Papa get just a whiff of the truth.
  • 1964, Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain [Der Zauberberg], A. A. Knopf, page 172
    So our respected guest has some temperament too! Foxy-loxy is in the same boat with the rest of us after all!
  • 1977, Ernest Buckler, The Cruelest Month, McClelland and Stewart, page 117
    Look at him. Grinning. Old Foxy Loxy.
  • 1988, Michael Edward Burns, Low-level Radioactive Waste Regulation, Science, Politics, and Fear, CRC Press, ↑ISBN, page 186
    Foxy Loxy lurks in the likelihood of the social unrest and disruption that occur in periods of scarcity when those who do not have realize that they will be unable ever to get, in the rationing of limited resources []
  • 1992, X. J. Kennedy, Dark Horses: New Poems, page 14
    We kill by proxy / And so, like Foxy Loxy / Dissemble while we murder.
  • 1998, Walter W. Powell and Elisabeth Stephanie Clemens, Private Action and the Public Good, Yale University Press, ↑ISBN, page 249
    The sky does not fall, we can argue; but if the belief that it is falling ends us in the cave of Foxy Loxy where we are eaten, then the real dynamics of the celestial world are obiously going to be less important than our sadly misbegotten perception of it.
  • 2003, Bernard E. Morris, Taking Measure, The Poetry and Prose of X.J. Kennedy, Susquehanna University Press, ↑ISBN, page 197
    The contrast and conflict in the speaker’s mind between the child’s world and that of the adult are expressed in the comparison of adults to “Foxy Loxy”, a character in children’s literature that uses deception to kill his victims.
  • 2007, Renald Iacovelli, The Polity of Beasts, Stone Tower Press, ↑ISBN, page 31
    No wonder he soon got the nickname of “Foxy-loxy,” which he publicly brushed off with amused contempt but which secretly irritated him.