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English citations of ima and Ima

  • 2005, Cynthia Shearer, The Celestial Jukebox: A Novel, Shoemaker & Hoard, ISBN 1593760523, page 237,
    She could read his lips, Ima kill you, bitch.
  • 2007, Joseph DeMarco, At Play in the Killing Fields, AuthorHouse [self-published], ISBN 1425986692, page 214,
    With lines like "Ima beat dat pussy up," it's no wonder this song is a hit.

English citations of ima

  • Mawiyah Kai El-Jamah Bomani, "Woman on a Bus", in, 1997, Reginald Martin, editor, Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings, Macmillan Publishers, ISBN 0312198507, page 115,
    I know he is/he gon leave/then what ima do/with all these mouths to feed/what the hell am I suppose to do then

English citations of Imma

  • 2006, Leila Williams, Sex, Lies, Men & Friends, Lulu [self-published], ISBN 1411681118, page 172,
    Let Amiya tell me you were acting up and Imma beat your ass.

English citations of imma

  • [???: unavailable for viewing on Google], in, 2002, Tony Medina, Samiya A. Bashir, and Quarishi Ali Lansana, eds., Role Call, Third World Press, ISBN 0883782383, page 467,
    Anyway, imma run this one, but if the spirit places something on y'all heart to jump in with, do it quick and with conviction.
  • 2007, Skyy, Choices, Kings Crossing Publishing, ISBN 097144899X, page 221,
    "Bitch, imma beat yo ass!"

English citations of imma and Imma

  • 2003, Kori Nicole Brown, "The Art of Selfishness", in Trippin' Over Love, Kensington Books, ISBN 1583143912, page 270,
    Imma have to put on my ho-stompin' boots and regulate.
  • 2002, Reese Simmons, "Brotherly Love", in Shock Therapy, Infinity Publishing [self-published], ISBN 0741408260, page 22,
    "Imma have to sting ya again, knock you out,” the man says, gradually stepping closer.
  • 2003, Khalil Sharif, The Lyvest Ones, iUniverse [self-published], ISBN 0595275125, page 12,
    Imma have to put her ass out there, he thought to himself gently tugging his chin hairs.

English citations of Ima'

  • 2004, Nekousa Mullin, Shop Talk, Infinity Publishing [self-published], ISBN 0741420260, page 62,
    "Oh, before I forget, Ima' have to take a rain check on the trip to Seattle."

English citations of I'ma

  • a. 1996, John Edgar Wideman, "Doc's Story", in, 1996, Dennis Trudell, editor, Full Court: A Literary Anthology of Basketball, Breakaway Books, ISBN 1558215042, page 352,
    Then I'ma run.

English citations of i'ma and I'ma

  • a. 2004, Martha Southgate, "The Wall of Pain", reprinted in, 2004, Meri Nana-Ama Danquah, editor, Shaking the Tree: A Collection of New Fiction and Memoir by Black Women, W. W. Norton & Company, ISBN 039305067X, page 216,
    I'ma run down to the corner and get a Coke or something.

English citations of I'm a

  • 2007, Thomas Allen Suspended in Time: The Price of Loyalty, AuthorHouse [self-published], ISBN 1434316998, page 12,
    "Aright Rock you're on and if I don't make that thousand, don't think I'm a run with you again cause I aint", he warned him.
  • 2006, Therone Shellman, Love Don't Live Here, revised ed., Third Eye Publishing [self-published], ISBN 0977100413, page 82,
    So I'm a leave it like that.

English citations of I'm a'  and i'm a'

English citations of I'm a'- and i'm a'-

  • 2005, John Edward Lawson, "Fabricating Opiates", in Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades, Afterbirth Books, ISBN 0976631032, page 151,
    I'm a'go in here and see what the tick-tock is.

English citations of I'm'a and i'm'a

  • 2003, Kathy Lefall, Stargaze, iUniverse [self-published], ISBN 0595268781, page 48,
    "I'm'a go talk to her, check out where she comin' from and axe her if she wants to meet you.