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English citations of ima and Ima

  • 2005, Cynthia Shearer, The Celestial Jukebox: A Novel, Shoemaker & Hoard, →ISBN, page 237,
    She could read his lips, Ima kill you, bitch.
  • 2006, Lexi Davis, Pretty Evil, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN, page 321,
    "Man, you need to get your weight up. Ima have to put you in the gym."
  • 2007, Joseph DeMarco, At Play in the Killing Fields, AuthorHouse [self-published], →ISBN, page 214,
    With lines like "Ima beat dat pussy up," it's no wonder this song is a hit.

English citations of ima

  • Mawiyah Kai El-Jamah Bomani, "Woman on a Bus", in, 1997, Reginald Martin, editor, Dark Eros: Black Erotic Writings, Macmillan Publishers, →ISBN, page 115,
    I know he is/he gon leave/then what ima do/with all these mouths to feed/what the hell am I suppose to do then

English citations of Imma

  • 2006, Leila Williams, Sex, Lies, Men & Friends, Lulu [self-published], →ISBN, page 172,
    Let Amiya tell me you were acting up and Imma beat your ass.

English citations of imma

  • [???: unavailable for viewing on Google], in, 2002, Tony Medina, Samiya A. Bashir, and Quarishi Ali Lansana, eds., Role Call, Third World Press, →ISBN, page 467,
    Anyway, imma run this one, but if the spirit places something on y'all heart to jump in with, do it quick and with conviction.
  • 2007, Skyy, Choices, Kings Crossing Publishing, →ISBN, page 221,
    "Bitch, imma beat yo ass!"

English citations of imma and Imma

  • 2003, Kori Nicole Brown, "The Art of Selfishness", in Trippin' Over Love, Kensington Books, →ISBN, page 270,
    Imma have to put on my ho-stompin' boots and regulate.
  • 2002, Reese Simmons, "Brotherly Love", in Shock Therapy, Infinity Publishing [self-published], →ISBN, page 22,
    "Imma have to sting ya again, knock you out,” the man says, gradually stepping closer.
  • 2003, Khalil Sharif, The Lyvest Ones, iUniverse [self-published], →ISBN, page 12,
    Imma have to put her ass out there, he thought to himself gently tugging his chin hairs.

English citations of Ima'

  • 2004, Nekousa Mullin, Shop Talk, Infinity Publishing [self-published], →ISBN, page 62,
    "Oh, before I forget, Ima' have to take a rain check on the trip to Seattle."

English citations of I'ma

  • a. 1996, John Edgar Wideman, "Doc's Story", in, 1996, Dennis Trudell, editor, Full Court: A Literary Anthology of Basketball, Breakaway Books, →ISBN, page 352,
    Then I'ma run.

English citations of i'ma and I'ma

  • a. 2004, Martha Southgate, "The Wall of Pain", reprinted in, 2004, Meri Nana-Ama Danquah, editor, Shaking the Tree: A Collection of New Fiction and Memoir by Black Women, W. W. Norton & Company, →ISBN, page 216,
    I'ma run down to the corner and get a Coke or something.

English citations of I'm a

  • 2007, Thomas Allen Suspended in Time: The Price of Loyalty, AuthorHouse [self-published], →ISBN, page 12,
    "Aright Rock you're on and if I don't make that thousand, don't think I'm a run with you again cause I aint", he warned him.
  • 2006, Therone Shellman, Love Don't Live Here, revised ed., Third Eye Publishing [self-published], →ISBN, page 82,
    So I'm a leave it like that.

English citations of I'm a'  and i'm a'

  • 2004, B.L.U.N.T., Betrayal of A Hustler, Trafford Publishing [self-published], →ISBN, page 232,
    I'm a' go chill down there for a while myself.

English citations of I'm a'- and i'm a'-

  • 2005, John Edward Lawson, "Fabricating Opiates", in Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades, Afterbirth Books, →ISBN, page 151,
    I'm a'go in here and see what the tick-tock is.

English citations of I'm'a and i'm'a

  • 2003, Kathy Lefall, Stargaze, iUniverse [self-published], →ISBN, page 48,
    "I'm'a go talk to her, check out where she comin' from and axe her if she wants to meet you.