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English citations of Jedi Knight

  • 2005, Art Campbell, Portal Of the Vixen Planet,, →ISBN, page 111:
    I have to add that the night we mostly refer to as the night of Jed the Jedi Knight was one of the most remembered Halloweens that I can recall.
  • 2008, Captain Jason Meszaros, Interrogation of Morals, J.P. Hewitt Press, →ISBN, page 85:
    They included a major who was known as a Jedi Knight in the intelligence world.
  • 2008, Julie Hutslar, The Mask, the Mirror, and the Illusion, Awakening to the Knowledge of Who You Truly Are, Luminous Epinoia Press, →ISBN, page 199:
    I asked what he liked to play with and he ran and got his Jedi Knight light sword. I mentioned to his parents that he carried the knight as his primary archetype, and they looked at each other and laughed.
  • 2009, Carlene Thompson, Since You’ve Been Gone, Macmillan, →ISBN, edition 4, page 278:
    Also, one time he’d felt like Rebecca was in his mind. That sounded really creepy, but it also sounded kind of like something a Jedi Knight could do — entering someone’s mind, poking around, sending messages to be strong. He wondered if Rebecca was a Jedi.