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English citations of Jedi mind trick

  • 2005 December 29, Schuler, Lou; Cosgrove, Alwyn, The New Rules of Lifting: Six Basic Moves for Maximum Muscle‎, London: Penguin, ISBN 9781583332382, page 205:
    I've met personal trainers who were phenomenally good at figuring out their clients' starting weights [] Maybe it's some kind of Jedi mind trick. But unless you have one of those trainers, you have to figure it out on your own.
  • 2006 February 6, Butcher, Jim, Proven Guilty (Dresden Files), London: Penguin, ISBN 9780451461032, page 27:
    "It's the Fourth Law of Magic," I said. "You aren't allowed to control the mind of another human. But ... hell, it's of the first things a lot of these stupid kids try—the old Jedi mind trick. Sometimes they start with maybe getting homework overlooked by a teacher or convincing their parents to buy them a car."
  • 2007 December 1, Chase, Paula, Don't Get It Twisted‎ (Del Rio Bay Clique), New York: Dafina, ISBN 9780758218612, page 60:
    Brian was a good diversion. For every girl that went loopy over him, there was one less chick she had to worry about being in Craig's face. All she had to do was stay as far away from Brian as possible ... you know, just in case that Jedi mind trick thing melted the BF shield.