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English citations of Looney Tune and looney tune

Noun: a character of Looney Tunes[edit]

  • 2002 October 21, Margaret <>, “Re: K 3 gone wrong”, in, Usenet[1], message-ID <>:
    Homesickness is threatening to call the police and falsely claiming that your spouse has beat you up or running to the doctor and running up a huge bill? I don't think so. How many people do you know that show homesickness this way? I'm certainly not one of them. Even my 11 year old son is homesick at times but doesn't act like a looney tune. Sorry, I say it as I see it.
  • 2004 June 9, Jtiche <>, “Re: Getting an Enrty-Level Position”, in alt.comp.hardware, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
    If you have to send a picture with your applications it would help if you don't have any body piercings, tatoos or freaky colored hair. I'm not saying its fair but if I had two young guys competing for a job, and one was the G.I. Joe type and the other looked like a looney tune, you can guess which one would get the job.
  • 2004 August 23, Cherylb382 <>, “Re: How did you.............”, in alt.wisdom, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    Sylvester- when we caught him and had him neutered, we put him in a big dog crate to heal. He flew all over the crate and then hung from the top. He was named Sylvester because he acted like a Looney Tune.

Noun: an episode of Looney Tunes[edit]

  • 1999 June 8, Frank <>, “President Humpty Dumpty”, in alt.politics.usa.misc, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
    Yep! "That's all" folks!
    Clinton's Presidency is ending like a Looney Tune.