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English citations of Narutard and narutard

Noun: fan of the Naruto series[edit]

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  • 2005 October 1, Lysander, "Re: Best Naruto fight?", message-ID <>, Anime Otakus, Google Groups [1]:
    I'm usually the first to call out Narutards, but I think you're a little off-target here min gie liang. A Narutard isn't simply someone who talks about Naruto every once in awhile[sic], it's someone who thinks its the greatest anime ever or someone who spends every waking moment talking about how great it is. No one here has said anything that should have them thrown into that category. If someone had said anything even close to "I think Naruto is the best anime ever", I would've been spamming "eww, Narutard!" faster than you could blink.
  • 2005 December 15, Sailor Terra, “Re: Old Timers”, in, Usenet[2], message-ID <>:
    Anime fandom has changed so drastically in the last ten years and I guess I just like having the VHS tape in case I need to whip it out and smack a twelve year old narutard on the head when he complains his 22kb/s torrent download is too slow.
  • 2006 January 30, Scortia, “Re: Utena and other cosplay at the 2006 Ohayocon from Fansview”, in, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    Yeah I read about that when it happened. Too bad he wasn't at Ushicon this weekend. And too bad NOT A SINGLE UTENA COSPLAYER was either. ~_~ Bleach and FMA are too busy taking over... thank god they may push out the Narutard cosplayers for a bit. ^_^
  • 2006 February 12, Abraham Evangelista, “Re: Naruto GC”, in rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet[4], message-ID <>:
    I played the Naruto fighting games for PS2. They weren't bad, but the fighting system wasn't interesting enough to hold me. Kinda felt a lot like Smash Bros. If you're a Narutard, it'll hold some fan appeal at the least.
  • 2007 February 24, Phil Yff, “Re: Gee...more vampires...*yawn*”, in rec.arts.anime.misc, Usenet[5], message-ID <>:
    I guess a Narutard is someone who would get upset if you mentioned that the filler episodes were less than superb.
  • 2008 July 13, The Phantom Flan Flinger, “Re: I just wanted to tell you about this Free Anime Game”, in rec.arts.anime.fandom, Usenet[6], message-ID <>:
    [replying a message about a game based on Naruto] Oh, bloody hell, another Narutard! Oh well, takes all sorts...

French citations of Narutard

  • 2008 November 13, Christophe Bachmann, “Re: activite cerebrale dans le web francophone”, in fr.rec.anime, Usenet[7], message-ID <491ccb57$0$863$>:
    Enfin le Narutard, je n'en ai pas rencontré et même si je n'ai pas accroché à Naruto, surtout par envie d'éviter les effets de mode et la publicité tapageuse, je suis Bleach qui si j'ai bien compris est d'un niveau intellectuel et culturel assez voisin, et proche de pas mal de Shonen, je n'irai donc pas attaquer quelqu'un dont la seule exposition aux animés serait Naruto, mais je n'hésiterai pas à lui pointer quelques pistes de diversification.