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English citations of Neen

  • 2009, Tracey Bowen, ‎Mary-Lou Nemanic, Cultural Production in Virtual and Imagined Worlds, page 71:
    Pygoya's Webism might be said to share as much with Miltos Manetas' loosely defined cyber-art movement Neen as it does with Kinkade's associative tactics and escalating accrual of authenticating markers.
  • 2014, Miltos Manetas, In My Computer:
    He is also the founder of "Neen", an Internet-based art movement.
  • 2014, Mathias Jansson, Everything I Shoot Is Art:
    Two years later, Manetas and Peter Lunenfeld manifested the Neen concept in a spectacular "hijacking" of the Whitney Biennal domain name.
  • 2018, Jill Dahlman, ‎Tammy Winner, Beyond the Frontier, Volume II, page 126:
    It also gave them an additional space and place to express themselves while demonstrating a Neen understanding of visual rhetoric.