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English citations of Nephite

1830 1891 1977 1988 1997
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  • 1891, George Reynolds, “Gid”, in A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon[1], page 125:
    Later in the year, Gid commanded a small division of the Nephite army in the battle in which the city of Manti was recaptured.
  • 1977 September, James R. Moss, “Six Nephite Judges: A Study in Integrity”, in Ensign[2], page 61:
    But woven through the rich tapestry of Nephite history are golden threads of spiritual strength and active righteousness—lessons for our day from the lives of these Nephite judges.
  • 1988 March, Sherrie Johnson, “Scriptural Giants: Gidgiddoni— Prophet and Commander”, in Friend[3], page 48:
    About eighteen years before Jesus Christ visited the American continent, Lachoneus, governor of the Nephites, received a letter from Giddianhi, the leader of the Gadianton robbers.
  • 1997, Jerry Thompson, Robert T. Barrett, “Helaman and the 2,000 Young Warriors”, in Book of Mormon Stories[4], page 93:
    When enemies of the people of Ammon attacked the Nephites, the people of Ammon wanted to break their promise and help the Nephites fight.