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English citations of North American English

1881 1915
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  • 1881, “On Theosophism in India” [from the New York Times], The Church Missionary Intelligencer and Record, London: Church Missionary House, v 6, p 427:
    But Hindustanee, it must be admitted in the language of the worldly, “rather got her,” when she was forced to study this difficult language in company with Col. Olcott, whose lingual achievements had been confined to a mastery of North American English, with a strong nasal accent due to the east winds and catarrhal influences of the North American climate.
  • 1915, George Noël-Armfield, General Phonetics for Missionaries and Students of Languages, Cambridge: W. Heffer & Sons, p 36:
    So far as I know this assimilation is always accidental, and not infrequently individual, among standard speakers of English. It is not uncommon in Cockney and North American English.