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English citations of Odessa and Odesa

2000 2007
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  • 2000, Andrew Wilson. The Ukrainians: Unexpected Nation. Yale University Press; 2nd edition (2002) ISBN 0-300-09309-8.
    81: The outpouring of all-Russian and anti-German patriotism in cities such as Kiev, Odesa and Kharkiv in 1914 was genuine enough and might have become a more powerful factor if the war had been prosecuted more successfully.
    216: Akhmatova (née Horenko) was born in Odesa, but in the Russian-Jewish Odessa beloved of Isaac Babel and Irina Ratushinskaia.
  • 2007, Serhy Yekelchyk, Ukraine: Birth of a Modern Nation. Oxford University Press.
    • 16: With the beginning of the war, the Soviet high command transformed the Kyiv and Odesa military districts into Southwestern and Southern Fronts, respectively.
    • 16: With the fall of Odesa to Romanian forces on October 16 and that of Kharkiv to the Germans on October 25, the battle for Ukraine was over.