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English citations of Potterism and Harry Potterism

Proper noun: the fandom of Harry Potter[edit]

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  • 2003, Stephen Brown, Free Gift Inside!!: Forget the Customer. Develop Marketease[1], Capstone, ISBN 9781841125466:
    Harry Potterism is more than a phenomenon, [...]
  • 2006, Charles H Lippy, Faith in America [Three Volumes] [3 Volumes]: Changes, Challenges, New Directions, Greenwood Publishing Group, ISBN 9780275986056, page 73:
    Despite the success of the novels, press about Harry Potter has not all been positive. Many people, especially some evangelical Christians, have been less than optimistic about the Potter influence. [...] This stridency has gotten them an enormous amount of poblicity and has mistakenly presented the impression that there is a united front of Christian anti-Potterism.
  • 2007, Bernard Cova, Robert V. Kozinets, Robert Kozinets, Avi Shankar, Consumer Tribes[2], illustrated edition, Elsevier, ISBN 9780750680240, page 180:
    The fundamental problem with the foregoing summary of Harry Potterism is that, although it conforms to the familiar fairy-story, rags-to-riches and-they-all-lived-happily-ever-after narrative template, it also occludes some of the hard facts about the franchise.
  • 2008, James Hogan, Reel parables: life lessons from popular films, Paulist Press, ISBN 9780809144587, page 161:
    "Potterism" is a rebellion against the meaninglessness, cynicism, and selfishness that surround children today. They do not want to see themselves as bratty and narcissistic—the Draco Malfoys of the world.

Proper noun: a religion based on Harry Potter[edit]

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  • 2002 November 17, Shannon <>, “Re: my history teacher doesn't like harry potter”, in, Usenet[3], message-ID <>:
    And here's something I've wondered about for a long time... how absurd is the concept of a religion called Potterism? Hear me out... I'm not talking about starting it or having it right now but maybe, say, 2000 years from now. Very different civilization then, somebody finds these ancient books about a young man who does miraculous things and saves the world from evil.