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English citations of Pricasso

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Pricasso, the Australian artist[edit]

  • (mention only)
    2006 July 28, Pat, “Now I've seen it all....”, in rec.pets.cats.anecdotes, Usenet[1]:
    Artist Tim Patch - also known as "Pricasso" - of Australia, has an unorthodox method of painting
  • 2007 October 5, Mary Hanna, “Intriguing news reports fresh off the Internet”, in Tri-Valley Herald, Pleasanton, California:
    How unflappable do you have to be to go to work, find a stone head on the doorstep, and just go about your day sorting the mail as usual? I'll bet she could pose for a portrait by Pricasso and not bat an eye.
  • 2008 February 8, Bronwyn Gerretsen, “'Pricasso' draws crowds at Sexpo”, in The Mercury, South Africa: Independent Online, page 4:
    Of all the exhibitions, Pricasso, the flamboyant painter who uses his penis as his tool of trade, drew, by far, the largest crowds.
  • 2008 February 24, Jo Piazza, “Oh, Baby, Was X-Tina Ragin'”, in New York Daily News, Daily News L.P., page 18:
    Fox Business bigwigs are said to be perturbed by a very special guest on the fledgling biz channel the other night - Pricasso, the world's greatest penile artist. That's right, he paints portraits with his private parts.
  • 2008 February 25, Ubiquitous, “Pricasso”, in alt.tasteless, Usenet[2]:
    Timothy James Francis Patch is a crazy Australian artist who specializes in penile art. Penile art is exactly what you imagined it would be, "Pricasso" uses his member as his brush.
  • 2008 August 20, Richard Bos, “Not quite finger painting”, in uk.rec.sheds, Usenet[3]:
    "There are Millions of Artists in the World, but only one who paints with his Penis." Actually, that's not true; clearly, Mr. Pricasso doesn't know where the word "penis" comes from, and what other words derive from that base.
  • 2008 September 16, Cape Argus staff, “Put an end to dangling conversations”, in Cape Argus, South Africa: Independent Online, page 13:
    Still reeling from the buzzing of German-designed appliances, and desperately trying to find a stall that served coffee and muffins instead of edible knickers and herbal elixirs, I watched bemused at the Sexpo as the craggy Pricasso dipped his dangly bit into paint and dabbed at a piece of paper on the easel.
  • 2008 November 20, Solar West, “Sexpo Progress Reports”, in Solar West Public Group, Usenet[4]:
    "Pricasso". What can you say about a guy who wears a huge silver hat and boots (and nothing else), and paints your portrait while you wait? Oh, and he uses part of his anatomy as his paintbrush! Unique.
  • 2009 October 26, eastsidelar, “On Cars & Driving”, in alt.society.boomers, Usenet[5]:
    speaking of pricks, did you order any pricasso paintings? don't forget they come complete with a video showing the artist in action...imagine the awe and oh's you'll hear christmas time.
  • 2009 February 6, Daily News staff, “Sexpo's popularity profitable for entrepreneurial granny”, in Daily News, South Africa: Independent Online, page 5:
    The famous nude artist, Pricasso, who uses his member to paint, was kept busy swishing his "brush" over the canvas. He was quite a drawcard - and many a male observer whipped out his cellphone to take a picture.
  • 2010 March 7, Ellen Lutton, “Sexpo draws crowds... and then they're painted”, in The Sun-Herald, Sydney, Australia: Fairfax Media Publications Pty Limited., page 25:
    Pricasso had a long line of people waiting to pay him to paint with his penis. The former builder said he had always been talented at drawing but five years ago came up with the idea of creating art with a different type of implement.
  • 2011 August 24, Daily News staff, “Portraiture painful for penile artist”, in Daily News, South Africa: Independent Online, page 2:
    Pricasso, who has been painting with his penis for six years, said painting with his penis could be painful, but he had resorted to making his own non-toxic, washable paint.
  • 2011 August 26, Daily News staff, “Pole-dancing vixens keep visitors agog at Sexpo”, in Daily News, South Africa: Independent Online, page 3:
    Visitors to the expo were amused and fascinated by portrait painter Pricasso and his unique brush.
  • 2012 March 7, Gold Coast Bulletin staff, “Fundraiser has a brush with 'talent'”, in Gold Coast Bulletin, Queensland, Australia: News Limited, page 24:
    Now men and their . . . um . . . equipment can sometimes falter under pressure so imagine the stress that artist Pricasso and his 'man thing' brush were under, when he came on stage to paint the one and only Carlotta.
  • 2012 September 28, The Star staff, “Pricasso's the name, painting the game”, in The Star, South Africa: Independent Online, page 3:
    Pricasso can paint with either hand, but prefers using his nether regions. He has been painting this way for seven years and has painted ordinary people, celebrities and politicians.
  • 2012 December 29, Gold Coast Bulletin staff, “The 2012 Yoohoo Awards”, in Gold Coast Bulletin, Queensland, Australia: News Limited, page 34:
    When drag queen Carlotta agreed to compere and sit for a portrait at an R-rated charity fundraiser in March, she was not prepared for the tool of trade of the artist. The painter was Pricasso, who releases his artistic side by using a particular extremity. Not to put too fine a point on it (and Pricasso couldnt), Carlotta hovered between humour and horror as her portrait came to life.