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English citations of Snapefic

Noun: "(countable, Harry Potter fandom slang) a fanfic in which Severus Snape, of the Harry Potter series, is the protagonist"[edit]

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  • 2001 June 1, Morrighan, “Re: Looking for fanfic recs”, in, Usenet[1]:
    Okay. I'm a bit of a Snape bore, & have read most of the good and bad ones that come out on Here's a biased account of which I think are good.
    'I was Right' by Earthwalk. Widely considered the best Snapefic ther[sic] is.
  • 2003 January 17, Igenlode, “Re: Why do some people find Snape attractive?”, in, Usenet[2]:
    i.e. I was proposing that Snape might have been attracted to Voldemort as 'the epitome of Dark Magic' rather than to death, torture and disappearances. Though the latter may also have been the case :-)
    Glad you like it, as this is the theory I used in my Snapefic..!
  • 2003 February 25, Igenlode Wordsmith, “Story - Finished!!!”, in, Usenet[3]:
    I've finished my Snapefic! I've finished!
  • 2003 May 12, Tennant Stuart, “Re: Harry Potter fanfics”, in, Usenet[4]:
    But with non-slash & non-porno, the best Snapefic I've read is "A Father's Sin" by Severitus, [] in which the professor discovers an unlikely student at Hogwarts is his son.

Noun: "(uncountable, Harry Potter fandom slang) such fan fiction collectively"[edit]

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  • 2001 March 22, Morrighan, “Re: Professor Severus Snape”, in, Usenet[5]:
    I've never come across any Snape fanfic sites, unfortunately, so I tend to rely solely on ffnet for both reading and posting. (Shameless plug: I'm a snapefic writer myself.)
  • 2001 November 25, ellen_fremedon, “OT snapefic Re: NEW DS9/VOY 1/1 "Toast" [PG]”, in alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated, Usenet[6]:
    LOL!! And she'd be right, too, if she did-- I've seen the film once before I started reading Snapefic and once since. [Professor Snape] seemed pretty slashable the first time, but the second time through-- oh my.
  • 2002 December 3, Morrighan, “Fanfic recs please - Snape”, in, Usenet[7]:
    Am coming back into HP fanficdom after a while away, & wondered if anyone could recommend some good recent Snape fanfics, as all the good Snape authors I know seem to be in hiding or no longer writing. I've found a lot of utter drivel out there, but little or no good recent Snapefic, & was wondering if anyone knew whether any of the Snapefic written in the last 10 months or so is good to outstanding.
  • 2003 April 4, Rebecca Webb, “Re: More Potter y\n?”, in, Usenet[8]:
    I suppose the reason so many Snapefic writers pair him up with Hermione is that she's really the only choice unless you're going to introduce an original character. In the long run, I don't see the age difference being a problem because of how long wizards live. In the short run, yeah, I could see Snape getting frustrated rather often with being the only adult in the relationship.