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English citations of TG girl

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  • 2006 — Tanya Jane Richards, Tranz-Mania, (2006), ISBN 9781847286536, page 166:
    Long ago, when she had first realised she had fallen in love with John, there had been another TG girl called Chrissie who was her rival.
  • 2008 — John McFetridge, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, ECW Press (2008), ISBN 9781550227550, page 165:
    The transsexual — the TG girl she called herself — Madeline, knew all about the appendix scar and the other one on the torso, said it was a hysterectomy.
  • 2009 — Tommy Lee "Doc" Boggs, "Cell 13", Best Gay Erotica 2010 (ed. Richard Labonté), Cleis Press (2009), ISBN 9781573443746, page 86:
    He lightly flirts, I flat-out describe in detail all I want to do to him. He resists, saying he has never been with a man, only a TG girl.