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English citations of TS girl

Noun: "a male-to-female transsexual or transgender person"[edit]

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  • 2003, Erica Zander, TransActions, Periskop (2003), →ISBN, page 203:
    ...and the sixteen year-old French TS girl I saw on TV probably twenty-five years ago, whose peasant parents treated her like just another one of their daughters.
  • 2006, Red Jordan Arobateau, Passage: Volume 9, Red Jordan Press (2006), →ISBN, page 1261:
    She lives in this trans populated low-income hotel where a lot of TG/TS stay. Sure enough, a few days later she looks out the window of her room, across the way there's her boyfriend with this TS girl going into her apartment!
  • 2007, Stuart Cooke, "One Night with Chinta", Meanjin, Volume 66 (No.1), March 2007:
    There was a pause. For a moment I thought she had left the computer. But then she started typing again. She wanted to know if I knew she was a TS girl. A TS girl? What on earth was a TS girl?
  • 2009, Shannon Leigh O'Shea, Blue Life…Pink Heart: What It's Like Being the Pink Sheep of the Family, The Mystery Girls Publishing (2009), →ISBN, page 260:
    I've also known TS girls that lacked the adequate training or job skills needed to perform as a woman, or to attain the degree or status of transition they seek merely because they can't pass or find meaningful employment in their chosen gender.
  • 2012, Rafiki Chemari, The Secret Society of TS Black & TG White, PublishAmerica (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
    Meanwhile, Frenchy put the new TS girls out on the street to work except for femme.

Noun: "a female child with a medical condition initialized as TS"[edit]

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  • 1987, H. Zellweger & S. R. Patil, "Chromosomal anomalies excluding Down Syndrome", in Handbook of Clinical Neurology, Vol. 6 (50): Malformations (ed. N. C. Myrianthopoulos), Elsevier Science B. V. (1987), page 546:
    Certainly every TS girl who does not show spontaneous pubarche and menarche needs estrogen replacement.
  • 1990, David E. Comings, Tourette Syndrome and Human Behavior, Hope Press (1990), page 239:
    Here the parents of a TS girl were divorced because the father was a compulsive gambler and verbally aggressive.
  • 2000, Mary M. Robertson, "Tourette syndrome, associated conditions and the complexities of treatment," Brain, 123 (3), 424-62:
    Bhadrinath documented the successful use of olanzapine in a 16-year-old TS girl with coprolalia and SIB.
  • 2000, R. G. Rosenfeld, "The Impact of Growth Hormone Therapy on Turner Syndrome", in Therapeutic Outcome of Endocrine Disorders: Efficacy, Innovation, and Quality of Life (ed. Brian Stabler & Barry B. Bercu), Springer (2000), page 67:
    The use of medications to enhance growth and to stimulate pubertal development unfortunately can add to a TS girl's sense of inadequacy.
  • 2005, Jennifer Batch, "Genetic syndromes and dysmorphology", in Brook's Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology (ed. Charles G. D. Brook, Peter E. Clayton, & Rosalind S. Brown), Blackwell Publishing (2005), →ISBN, page 116:
    The peer and family support provided by such groups is an invaluable educational and emotional assistance for a TS girl and her family.
  • 2007, "The disease only girls get", The Straits Times, 11 July 2007:
    A TS girl has only one X chromosome, with the other being either damaged or missing.
  • 2008, J. Josefson & D. Zimmerman, "Turner Syndrome", in A Case-Based Guide to Clinical Endocrinology (ed. Terry Francis Davies), Humana Press (2008), →ISBN, page 468:
    Estrogen treatment for sexual maturation should begin in a TS girl who has reached her target height while on growth hormone therapy or if growth is no longer being achieved on this therapy.