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English citations of Ucalegon

  • 1694, Peter Antony Motteux, Gargantua and Pantagruel, translation of original by Rabelais, Book IV Chapter XXII:
    But who is this Ucalegon below, that cries and makes such a sad moan?
  • 1866, “Sans Merci: Or, Kestrels and Falcons”, in Once A Week[1], page 244:
    If Seyton’s own roof-tree was still unsinged, the fire had made wild work, of late, with his neighbours’ dwellings; and, from the disaster of the last of these unlucky Ucalegons, he was divided by a thin party-wall.
  • 1892, Thomas Frederick Kirby, Annals of Winchester College[2], page 333:
    One of them, Peter Chamberlin, was burnt out; but this Ucalegon lived next door to the Castle, and suffered in consequence.
  • Juvenal; Peter Green (1998) The Sixteen Satires, volume III, →ISBN:

    The ‘heroic downstairs neighbour’ of 198-9 is given by J. the Trojan name of Ucalegon. In Virgil’s Aeneid (2.311) as Troy burns, Aeneas sees the nearby house go up in flames (iam proximus ardet Ucalegon): but by now (J. seems to be saying) the Trojan (or his descendant) has learned by experience – been there, done that – and has the sense both to occupy a ground-floor apartment and to shift his stuff to safety in good time (iam friuola transfert Ucalegon). Roman listeners, who knew the Aeneid more or less by heart, would appreciate the parody.