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English citations of Winnipeg rye and Winnipeg rye bread

  • 2005, Kate Austin, Dragonflies and Dinosaurs, Harlequin, p 283:
    And plenty of garlic sausage and cheese and thick black Winnipeg rye bread. [lexicographer's note: Winnipeg rye is never dark]
  • 2007, Arlene Wright-Correll, The Bakers Dozen, Munfordville, Ky., Publications Trade Resources Unlimited, p 14:
    [recipe title] Winnipeg Rye Bread
  • 2008, Robert T. Diamond, Kings of the Diamond, Winnipeg: Robert Diamond, p 116:
    The tray held six heaping plates of pork ribs, several baskets of Winnipeg rye bread, and several side dishes of the restaurant's signature coleslaw.
  • 2008, “Give us this day our daily Winnipeg rye bread”, in Winnipeg Free Press, October 8:
    [title] Give us this day our daily Winnipeg rye bread. . .
    Thanks also to Jean Sawchuk, who sent in an old recipe for Winnipeg rye bread that she used to make. It is a light rye bread that she says is excellent.