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English citations of Winnipegish and Winnipeg-ish

Adjective: "from, characteristic of, or resembling the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba"[edit]

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ME « 15th c. 16th c. 17th c. 18th c. 19th c. 20th c. 21st c.
  • 1996 — T. D. Regehr, Mennonites in Canada, 1939–1970: A People Transformed, University of Toronto Press (1996), →ISBN, page 182:
    The conflict began as a theological disagreement, but as time went on various leaders, in their letters, described it as a dispute ‘between the Mennonite churches in the Province of Manitoba and of the City of Winnipeg.’ Other rural leaders referred to various new practices and ideas that they did not like as ‘Winnipegish.’
  • 2007 — Gordon Bowness, "Out gayed by Guy Maddin", Xtra!, 13 September 2007:
    You need not be gay, Winnipegish or even arty to relate to My Winnipeg; its themes of desire and grief are universal.
  • 2009 — Paul Friesen, "Bombers. Playoffs.", Slam! Sports, 3 October 2009:
    Employing an offence that looked eerily Winnipegish, Ray looked more like Ricky Martin, except he didn't hit any high notes.
  • 2011 — "Who is paying how much for what?", Estevan Mercury, 5 October 2011:
    The Roughriders just aren't that good. They look ... oh, how can I say this ... they just look too Winnipegish.
  • 2012, Alison Gillmor, “Manitoba Craft Council present eye-catching ceramics in ‘Distributary’”, CBC Manitoba Scene (August 3), accessed 2012-08-03:
    When it came time to title this show of seven ceramic artists, curator Chris Pancoe liked the Winnipeg-ish association with rivers.