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English citations of abilitude

  • 1912 August 22nd–29th, Alfred R. Orage, “The New Age” in Political and Economic Writings (1977), page 18
    When it is remembered that Mrs. Pankhurst and her daughters, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, were members of the Labour movement before they were Suffragists, their abilitude in the Labour vocabulary is natural.
  • 2004 August 18th (3:12am), “BilZ0r” (user name), bionet.neuroscience (Usenet newsgroup), “cumulative probability analysis”, Message ID: <Xns95499AF2E278FBilZ0rhotmailcom@>
    So in the paper I’m reading, they’re doing intraceullar voltage-clamp recording from a single CA1 pyramidal cell. The papers are looking at IPSCs induced by serotonin, and they have this “cumulative probability analysis” graph… well two of them. The both have “Cumulative Probability” on the Y axis, and one has “amplitude” on the X, the other has “interevent interval”.
    I figure that amplitude refers to the abilitude of the IPSC, but what is the cumulative probability and the interevent internal refering too? The cumulative probability of there being an IPSC of that amblitude? and what are the events, that the interevent internal, is an interval of?
  • 2004 September 10th (12:06pm), “John Lucas” (user name), (Usenet newsgroup), “Re: Repost for the benefit of those who missed it the first time – Idiot John Lucas”, Message ID: <>
    All of this pointless discussion they called themselves artificing was just a simple exercise for me to display reasoning ability, my ableness to comprehend, to follow a conversation, the abilitude to show inarguable facts in the face of bluffery.