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English citations of ablutophiliac

  • 2008: aaron gus, Healthcare Informatics (Google group): Sex Terms 101 – Part 1, the 2nd day of May at 1:51am
    ⁽¹⁾ Thanks to syndicated talk shows, we’re all familiar with terms like nymphomaniac. But what will you do if your sexual partner confesses she’s a die-hard ablutophiliac? What does that even mean?
    ⁽²⁾ Ablutophilia - If your girlfriend recently confessed that she’s a severe ablutophiliac, you might be tempted to run. Relax! Ablutophilia – while somewhat unusual – is a sexual term you might find more enjoyable than you think. An ablutophiliac is someone who takes intense sexual pleasure from bathing or showering.