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English citations of accusatrix

  1. A female accusator.
    • 1655, Jo. Jennings, Elise: or innocence guilty, a romance, page 149:
      Isabel, the accusatrix, is in full liberty.
    • 1897: Mary Henrietta Kingsley, Travels in West Africa, pp24–25
      Now this worthy man, tired by his morning labour, working cargo in the stewing heat, and strong in the virtue of an unblemished life here, had gone to sleep in his cabin, out of which he was routed and confronted with his accusatrix and the small frightened man she had got with her, whom she kept on introducing as “my brudah, sah”.
    • 2003: Marilyn Migiel, A Rhetoric of the Decameron, p70
      But she portrays all the other women of the story as upstanding; moreover, the original accusatrix repents on her death bed and reveals her previous duplicity.
    • 2005, Katherine Frank, A Voyager Out: The Life of Mary Kingsley, page 71:
      Unfortunately for this particular “accusatrix”, the Lagos’s current second mate was not the same man who had held the post the last time, and so she returned empty-handed to shore.
  2. A second, unknown sense.
    • 1952, Royal Society of New Zealand, Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand, page 354:
      It is perhaps possible that this is the other sex of accusatrix (of which I have two ♂ specimina only), resembling it in the peculiar apical projection; but the differences in other…