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English citations of acquaintance

  • 1711, Joseph Addison, Peter Wilson (editor) The Spectator, Number 256: Monday, December 24, Volume 4, page 25,
    For we may generally obſerve, that our Admiration of a famous Man leſſens upon our nearer Acquaintance with him ;
  • a. 1774, Francis Atterbury, 1774, Sermons and Discourses on Several Subjects and Occasions, 9th edition, Volume 2, page 124,
    [] and contract at laſt ſuch an intimacy and familiarity with them, as makes it difficult and irkſome for us to call off our minds to a better employment, and to think intenſely on any thing beſides them.
  • (Can we date this quote?) Henry Rogers:
    It is in our power to confine our friendships and intimacies to men of virtue.