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English citations of all correct


  1. true; agreed, yes indeed
    • 1837, Theodore Edward Hook, "Jack Brag" (Baudry's European Library) p.245
      "The fish," said Salmon, "is uncommon good here—so fresh coming right out of the sea."
      "Oh! all correct," said Jack. "I take care to have a fellow ready to grab them the moment they are caught. Nice place, a'n't it, mother?"
    • 1842 (8 November) New Zealand Colonist and Port Nicholson Advertiser, Volume I, Issue 29, p.3: "Doctor Martin's Pamphlet"
      The Doctor knows very likely, more than we do, about Port Essington, and it may be all correct, for any thing we know to the contrary, about our paraphernalia being modelled upon that which prevailed there
    • 1849 (January) M. Topham Smith, The Adventures of a Man "who could never Dress Well", in Graham's Magazine, v.34 no.1 p.201
      " Egad, it's true," I soliloquized. " It's all correct, as my Yankee friends have it. ..."
    • 1852 (July 23) The True Witness and the Catholic Chronicle p.2: "Proselytism in Ireland"
      "How many Gods are there, Martin?"
      "The Parish Priest told us that there was only one God."
      "How many persons in God?"
      "The Parish Priest taught us to believe in three persons."
      "That's all correct, Martin["]
  2. in order; properly arranged; as expected; above reproach; shipshape
    • 1859 (20 September) Daily Southern Cross, Volume XVI, Issue 1253, p.3,col.3; "Resident Magistrate's Court"
      Beef was always to be had, but there was no pork during the last ten days, nor any substitute. Tea was all correct.
    • 1861 (February) Harper's Vol.22 No.129 "Editor's Drawer" p.434
      put on the bridle all correct
    • 1862 (February 1) The Sydney Morning Herald p.3: "Windsor"
      I went into the kitchen to see that every thing was all right and found all correct
    • 1865 (29 April) Taranaki Herald, Volume XIII, Issue 665, p.1: "Taranaki Bushrangers at Wanganui"
      Parade at 10 a.m., all correct. If men behave as they are doing, there will be no fear of defaulter's sheets.
    • 1874 (14 March) Daily Southern Cross, Volume XXX, Issue 5168, p.2: "Port of Auckland"
      Dr. Philson, the Health Officer, proceeded on board the ship shortly after her arrival, and, finding everything all correct, give the Ship a clean bill of health.
    • 1880 (April) R. D. Blackmore Mary Anerley in Harper's Vol.60, No.359 p.774
      Ships papers are aboard of her, all correct, sir.
    • 1880 (14 August) Star, Issue 3846, "The Police" p.3:
      Mr Hickson looked up and asked my age. I told him. That passed all correct. The next question, where do you come from ? I told him England. Sir, that seemed to put an end to all my hope.
    • 1888 (April) Lafcadio Hearn "Chita. A Memory of Last Island." Chapter V; in Harper's, Vol.76, No.455 p.761
      "All correct, boys ?" asked the captain...."Well, we've got to be going. By-by, Zouzoune !"
    1. (of accounts, amounts, or calculations) accurate, tallied correctly
      • 1866 (18 July) West Coast Times, Issue 256, p.2: "Supreme Court, Westland District"
        Prisoner said, " This is the bill for the meat you had," and he said be wanted cash for it. He also said he .was ordered to get the cash for it. As soon as prisoner said this witness said to Mr Ferguson " I suppose this is correct?" Mr Ferguson said, "O, yes ; I believe it's all correct.' Prisoner then made no remark, so witness paid the cash and settled the account. It was paid in Ferguson's presence. Knowing Ferguson, witness thought it was all correct.
      • 1868 (March 19) Morning Chronicle, p.2: "Local and other matters"
        At a meeting of the inhabitants of Dartmouth, held some time ago, a committee was appointed to examine the accounts of the Town Clerk, Mr. D. McLean, as some of the rate-payers imagined that all was not right. At a meeting held on Monday last the committee reported that the had thoroughly investigated the accounts, and found them all correct. Mr. McLean, who was suspended, has been reinstated.
      • 1868 (23 July) Grey River Argus, Volume VI, Issue 394 p.2: "District Court, Greymouth"
        I was first taken to the defendant's house, and afterwards to the camp, when the money was laid on the table, found to be all correct, and I said it was Guerin's money, and I was immediately discharged by the Sergeant.
      • 1873 (18 August) Grey River Argus, Volume XIII, Issue 1571, p.2,col.4
        ["']M'Arthur caused signalman to notify his finding only 6ft.' " Supposing this to be "all correct," may it be asked, did Captain M'Gillivray, on his last visit to this port, telegraph to the Post the state of the bar at the time of his arrival and departure?
      • 1877 (October 19) The Huron Expositor p.1 col.5
        On Saturday a couple of ladies promenading Dundas street, London, dropped a purse containing a large roll of bills and considerable small change. A little boy picked it up. After carefully counting the money to see that it was all correct, the generous ladies donated two cents to the boy for his trouble.
      • 1880 (January 29) Hartford Weekly Times p.10,col.5: "Legislative Notes"
        They find the accounts of the county commissioners, treasurer, and jailer all correct.
      • 1880 (13 February) Grey River Argus, Volume XXIII, Issue 3579, p.2,col.3-4
        We, the undersigned tenants, beg to say that what James Weir has written to your journal is all correct on the 19th inst, namely, the 15 per cent. reduction, which has not been allowed.
    2. (of documents, especially legal documents) accurate and appropriate
      • 1847 (April 14) John Smith the younger, The National Era p.4: "Portaits for the People, No. 9: The Claimant"
        Scarcely had his back been turned, when Slunk rose, and, quietly turning the key in the office door, silently handled a bundle of papers to his complacent friend. "All correct, my dear sir," said Keen, very deliberately, after he had examined the packet, "all correct.["]
      • 1853 Charles Dickens, Bleak House, Chapter 33 "Interlopers":
        Mr. Tulkinghorn is answerable for its being all correct about the next of kin
      • 1864 April The Continental Monthly Vol.5, No.4 "Ænone; a Tale of Slave Life in Rome" p.388
        [']And here is the list of them which the messenger brought.'
        'Never mind the list. It is doubtless all correct,' said Sergius, waving the papyrus aside.
      • 1872 (20 June) Star , Issue 1346, p.2 "Bell v Garrick and Cowlishaw"
        After I found out that the title was not all correct, I would not sell the land at any price; I have not complained to Messrs Garrick and Cowlishaw about the defect in the title.
      • 1873 (22 March) Taranaki Herald, Volume XXI, Issue 2082, p.1 "Smart Trading"
        that functionary said he wanted to see the Yankee's license for peddling in Illinois, that being his duty as the high sheriff of the State. The pedlar showed him a document "fixed up good— in black and white," which the officer pronounced all correct
      • 1877 (23 June) Grey River Argus, Volume XXI, Issue 2764, p.4: "My Name" Chapter VIII
        I shall never be able to call you anything but Cecil, but it is best to put you down in my will all correct.